1. Select Service(s) for one year term for Luxembourg:

  Virtual Office (mail address, voice mail & fax): 1195 euros  
  Mail Drop and Forwarding Service: 795 euros 
  Voice Mail Service: 295 euros
  Call Answering Service: 995 euros
  Fax Service: 295 euros
  Call Forwarding: 695 euros

2. Name to accept mail under:

3. Mail forward frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc):

4. Name to forward mail to you:

5. Address:

6. City & Postal Code:

7. Country:

8. Phone:

9. Fax:

10. Special Instructions

11. Payment Method: Tick below for your preferred method of remittance.
Once we receive your completed order form we'll email you the remittance details.

Credit Card   Bank Wire   WesternUnion   Paypal

12. How did you hear about us?

13. E-mail address:

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