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What is a Mail Drop?
Our Mail Drop allows you to use our street mailing address, in which mail is received in your name/company name.

Is the service confidential?
Yes. The service is fully confidential.  We do not reveal our clients details to third parties.

How often is my mail sent out?
This is up to you.  Mail can be sent to you on a daily/weekly basis – how often you wish.  We can also hold mail for collection. 

Can I change my mail forwarding details?
Yes, you can change the forwarding details – just let us know.   

How is my mail packaged?
Your mail is inserted unopened in an opaque plain envelope and addressed according to your instructions. 

What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office is a complete office solution. It includes a mail drop street mailing address and also comes with a dedicated voicemail and fax number.

Who requires a Virtual Office
New businesses requiring their first office.
An existing business that needs to cope with temporary expansion.
Companies who need to get closer to their customers.
Companies wishing to enter a new market
Companies setting up regional or branch offices.
Individuals who are traveling, changing address etc.

How do I receive my voicemail and fax messages?
All messages are automatically emailed to you, 24 hours a day.

What is a Call Forwarding Service?
You will be provided with a Luxembourg City
+24 Phone number. 

When clients ring this number they will be automatically transferred to the phone number you have designated. 

For example a client in Germany will phone the Spain Number, however the call will be answered by you wherever you are worldwide.

What forms of payments do we accept?
Cheque, Cash (by registered post), Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal, E-gold, Moneygram, Western Union.

How do I order?
Simply complete the online form.  Once we receive your application we will forward you all the necessary details i.e. address, phone/fax numbers etc.

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